About us

At the intersections of several disciplines lies the potential for the greatest discoveries.

Paleotechnic in a nutshell

Paleotechnic is a privately owned Research Institute specializing in archaeology and ancient technologies analysis. Its mission is to discover our civilization’s origins. What sets Paleotechnic apart is its multidisciplinary and holistic approach, at the crossroads of multiple fields of expertise such as hydrology, archaeology, geotechnics, climatology, physics, and materials science.

Paleotechnic Research Institute conducts R&D studies to identify and analyze how technologies from the past functioned. The Institute prides itself on the reverse engineering of past advanced technologies and modernizing them to meet current needs. With a particular focus on the technologies used in Ancient Egypt, Paleotechnic’s primary area of research is the construction of the Giant Pyramids.

In addition to R&D activities, Paleotechnic offers scientific consulting services in Egyptology including conferences, learning courses in modern archaeology, and technical analyses (drawings, cross-sections, elevations, and maps).

What makes us different

We can understand how forgotten past technologies worked by conducting reverse engineering. It is a common misconception that old technologies are simple and outdated. In reality, many of these technologies required advanced knowledge that is not commonly known today.

To fully comprehend these technologies, a scientific study across various disciplines such as materials science, physics, chemistry, mechanics, or astronomy is necessary. Thanks to our extensive expertise and laboratory network, we are better equipped to tackle these issues than any other Research Institute. Then, we can replicate and enhance these technologies to meet modern needs

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